So Great A Love (Book Review)

5 out of 5 Stars: Adorable Nature-Themed Children’s Book

In this second book in the “Joyful Creation” series of books for children, author and illustrator Kristie Wilde has once again exceeded expectations with her adorable illustrations of nature. Hatching chicks, daring bear cubs, playful lion cubs, and more all illustrate the love of our God in a simple way, matched with a brief, meaningful line of text on each page. Some of the art is humorous, some is peaceful, some is dramatic, and some is majestic, but every page beautifully portrays God’s creation and the love displayed by it.

In a culture where children are bombarded with pseudo-science in support of evolution and where intelligent design is routinely denied, this cute little book is a refreshing reminder of the fathomless intelligence and great love behind the creation of our world. Culminating with the conclusion that every child is loved by God, this book teaches children the truth of intelligent design and the affect that truth has on their world–they have a refuge in our loving God, regardless of how the world rages and rebels. As suicide and depression rates rise and more and more children struggle to find their place in a competitive world, the love of our Creator is a fact every child should be taught.

I have received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the book review program in exchange for my honest review.


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